IO mapping For ARM device

  • krishemanth

    krishemanth - 2021-02-01

    Hi All,

    I am new to Codesys, I am working on IO mapping. i have a device description provided without the IO driver. i decided to create a new devdesc and LIB to map them. I took RPI as reference and created driver and LIB. iam able to add the new Driver to the main devdesc. after logging into to my board and start the application. i can see the driver and bus running, also true/ False change in IO mapping tab , however the voltages on the board pins are unchanged. i guess, iam missing a part where we make actual connections to IDE and Physical IO's on board.

    i have attached The devdesc and lib file i created. any help on this topic will help me .


  • h-hermsen

    h-hermsen - 2021-02-03


    There is quite some extensive documentation about I/O drivers here on Forge, see:

    • krishemanth

      krishemanth - 2021-02-03


      Thanks for your reply.
      i already followed this page and modified my IO.devdesv and LIB file. however the voltages on the board pins are unchanged. i should have to copy any other file along with codesyscontrol on to my board?.



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