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error c0265

  • pach30

    pach30 - 2021-07-15


    this error is between engineering talk and runtime tall as IDE give the error on what appears to be an runtime problem.

    Playing with dynamic allocation on Codesys Win64 PLC , I get this error C0265 (not enough memory). My PC has 16 Go Ram , so enough I think . Is it a way to increase the memory allocated to Win 64 PLC ?

    thank in advance

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2021-07-15

    do you mean with the __new operator?
    The size is defined by right clicking the application and selecting properties, then going to the Application Build Options tab.

  • pach30

    pach30 - 2021-07-16

    Thanks you i-campbell !!
    the way you give me was the right way and I can compile using dynamic allocation( with __new operator )

    But , it seem's it's no possible to create un array of personal object by this way ?

    if i declare :

    TYPE MyObject :

    id :DINT ;
    i_Number :INT ;
    sz_genotype :STRING ;
    sz_Plug :STRING ;
    sz_scenario_WS :STRING ;
    sz_scenario_SS :STRING ;
    f_weight_vide :REAL ;
    f_weight_Ref :REAL ;
    f_weight_before :REAL ;
    f_weight_after :REAL ;

    I can't write

    pMyObject : pointer of MyObject


    pMyobject := __new( Myobject,avalue) ;

    what a shame !!

  • pach30

    pach30 - 2021-07-16

    Thank's i-campbell

    But i got error C0249 even with compilation directive 😨

                ------ Processus de compilation entamé : application : CODESYS_Control_Win_V3_x64.Application -------
                Affecter un type à un code...

    [ERREUR] Test_divers: FB_Init CODESYS_Control_Win_V3_x64: Logique API: Application: Robot: C0249: La création d’un tableau avec __NEW n’est pas autorisée pour les types définis par l'utilisateur
    La compilation est terminée -- 1 erreurs, 3 avertissements : aucun téléchargement possible

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2021-07-16

    interesting. does it work if you use a function block instead of a dut?

  • pach30

    pach30 - 2021-07-20

    Hello I campbell,

    I didn't make this test .
    what I want to do :
    Create an object (in real life a machine ) with a number variable (from 400 to 750) of element .Each element has his own carateristics (so my DUT).

    So , i will use  Fb_init() to make dynamic allocation of x elements (as usual in POO ).
    I think it's possible , isn't it ?

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