Grinfort - 2019-11-21

Good day,
Trying to set up a servo amplifier Melservo MR-J4-40TM as a PLC used Pi Raspberry 3B.
A Mitsubishi Hg-KR43 servo is connected to the servo amplifier. What exactly is the problem, the devices see each other all the signals are transmitted, but when you turn the servo ON, the shaft instead of standing rigidly, turns, there are no errors when you try to control the engine through the jog function block, the set value of the shaft position changes, the actual remains the same, the engine does not spin. I suspect that the problem may be in the drivers on the engine. So as there are used standard: SoftMotion axis for standard DSP402 drives. Maybe somebody faced? Or is it basically not possible to do?

IMG: скрин.png