beachcabana - 2018-07-07

Hey, there!

I'm getting an access violation exception related to the struct "WHEEL_VELOCITIES". This DUT is used in the definition of a new struct, which is used in a function block. The struct "WHEEL_VELOCITIES" is also used as the return type of a method from that same function block.

What I find odd is that if I download the program to the Control Win Soft PLC, everything works well. It is only when I try to download to the beaglebone black (after updating the device) that I get this error. Also, if I remove the struct "WHEEL_VELOCITIES" from my code, Codesys still gives me the same error but regarding a different struct.

I have not defined any FB_INIT method for any function block and, from what I understand, DUTs don't have a FB_INIT or any other method associated with them, right? Is codesys interpreting my struct as a function block?

The error:

Thank you for your time,

Got it working. I believe it had something to do with having set the attribute "{attribute 'pack_mode' := '0'}" in the struct and not in the sub struct. However that was not enough to correct the issue. I also had to remove the modbus slave I had associated with those variables, download and undo the removal.