Zavakh - 2019-09-18


I have project in which I have application written in C# (simulation of a production line) and PLC program that recieves boolean values from that application and counts energy.

My problem is that I need to connect both programs with OPC server to transfer data. Can someone please explain me how to do it step by step because what I've done is I downloaded UaExpert, made a new server by writing my Raspberry's IP (opc.tcp:// connected and added variables from GVL. When I force the values in Codesys it appears to be changing in UaExpert but when I run my C# application and type in server name (OPCUAServer@raspberrypi) the values does not change.
My question is do I need to instal something on my raspberry pi for it to work? Or just creating server in UaExpert is enough. I'm pretty sure that C# application is working fine so it's something about OPC configuration.

please forgive me if I'm asking about silly things but I'm a newb and I haven't seen any information solving my problem. If you can please explain me how it is done or provide some links, thank you in advance.