falcon - 5 days ago

i am using Ethercat Master Softmotion along with Ethercat Slaves AMAX4833 (DI) and AMAX4844 (DO).
DI's are working fine. But in DO's sometimes it happens that some of the outputs does not get updated.

my ethercat task's cycltime is 300us and my main task's cycle time is also 300us.

A basic test:
if an input is given , it is read perfectly by DI card and then gets noticed in main task. this input's functionality is to turn ON all outputs of an output card for a while . Sometimes it works perfectly fine i.e., turn ON all the outputs fine ... but sometimes on pressing the inputs some of the outputs are not turned ON... it behaves randomly , i have disconnected external circuit/wiring from DO cards outputs as well.

it may work fine for 2 to 3 days but then it start doing this abnormal behaviour and only restarting the system solves the issue ...
. kindly guide what may be the possible issues ?


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