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Send file from codesys to...... ftp, cloud, etc

  • John Martin

    John Martin - 2023-11-02

    Hi everybody,

    I am looking for a solution to send files, for example, to an ftp or a cloud.
    I can't use oscat library because 64 bit controller are not supported.

    Therefore, I see that the IIoT library has some functions that might help me to implement this sending process in codesys.

    Does anyone have any examples of how to do this?
    I have spent some days with this issue without success.

    Best regards.

  • TimvH

    TimvH - 2023-11-07

    You can use the (open source) FTP client in Forge. This works on 64 bit systems. See:

    As this is open, the idea is that when you use it and make improvements to the source code, that you also commit this in a branch so others can also benefit from it.

    • flavinhofh - 2024-03-12

      but how to send the files via FTP using this open source code ?

  • davidredondo - 2023-11-08

    Hi all,
    I am also looking for a solution to transfer a csv file from ifm HMI-PLC to some cloud and finally to node-red, for example.
    Do any of you advise me how to do it?


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