flyvendehest - 2023-01-17

Hi everyone,
Officially not a lurker anymore ;-)

I'm running into an issue using EL7031-0030 stepper terminal from Beckhoff with SoftMotion (I have it running using the position interface). I'm using a RPi as a PLC.

I have a regular EL7031, and for this terminal, I can map a SM axis directly by right-clicking the EK terminal and "add device" (see attached image #1), and get it to work using SoftMotion. However, the EL7031-0030 is not on the list for adding it with an axis, see image #2. I'm fairly new to this stuff, so I'm unsure if it's something missing in the device description files (I'm using the newest Beckhoffs device description files), or its a CoDeSyS driver that's missing? If the latter, can anyone from CoDeSyS give me a status development of an official driver?

Now to circumvent this, I've experimented a bit by adding a PosControl softmotion axis in the general axis pool, and mapping PDOs (I've been using the "automatic mapped PDOs" from the regular EL7031 as a reference - there's around 4 or so parameters), but my hunch is that I need way more documentation on PDOs to map in order for this to work - if it is at all possible. Is it a possibility doing it like this, or is it a lost cause?

Thank you for your help.


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