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Some troubles with Modbus RTU Slave on Raspberry Pi 2

  • marat-ab

    marat-ab - 2016-02-29

    We have some problem with Modbus RTU (in slave mode) on Raspberry Pi 2. We add Modbus_COM and Modbus_Serial_Device to our project. The project compiles without errors. When we start application in CODESYS in front of "Modbus_COM" and "Modbus_Serial_Device" instead green arrows is red triangle, in status page of this device in fields "PCI-Bus" and "Serial Port" you can see text: "No driver found" (see pic1.jpg from attach), and in log of Device we have two lines:
    "Update configuration failed from driver IoDrvModbusTCPSlave"
    "License for IoDrvModbusSerial not installed." (see pic2.jpg).
    Same about error present in Codesyscontrol.log from /tmp dir on Raspberry PI:
    1453883485: Cmp=OnlineLicenseManager, Class=4, Error=0, Info=0, pszInfo=* License for IoDrvModbusSerial not installed.
    1453883485: Cmp=CmpIoMgr, Class=4, Error=1, Info=1, pszInfo=
    * Update configuration failed from driver <iodriver>IoDrvModbusTCPSlave</iodriver>
    We buy and activate license CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi SL.
    Why Modbus Rtu (in slave mode) is not work in our case?
    Thank you!

    We use prolific USB-Serial Controller.

    IMG: pic2.jpg

    IMG: pic1.jpg

    ModbusProject.zip [88.9 KiB]

  • andy-zeebz

    andy-zeebz - 2021-11-16

    I'm having a similar issues.

    I'm using a RaspberryPi as my PLC and have it running with no issues. I have an Arduino connected via usb and am trying to communicate to it via Modbus Serial.
    I can ping the Arduino cia QModus with no issues, but cannot get the fault to clear from the modbus tree.

  • alrcastro

    alrcastro - 2021-11-23

    Have you selected the serial adaptor at the device object ? I mean, by right-clicking the above MODBUS_COM instance you get into its properties panel, so that can choose what port to use. Note that depending on which physical USB entry you plug it, there will be distinct inner properties.


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