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I have a Raspberry PI 4 Model B, with the CODESYS CONTROL for RASPBERRY PI runtime installed on it. I have bought a four relais module to control an AC load. In specific, the following one:
I have connected the GPIOS 1 (3V3), 9 (GND), AND 11, (GPIO17) to the module and if I execute this simple python script i can command the connection/disconnection of the relay:

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
from time import sleep


Relay1PIN = 17
GPIO.setup(Relay1PIN, GPIO.OUT)

print('[press ctrl+c to end the script]')
try: # Main program loop
    while True:
        GPIO.output(Relay1PIN, GPIO.HIGH)

        sleep(1) # Waitmode for 1 second
        GPIO.output(Relay1PIN, GPIO.LOW)

        sleep(1) # Waitmode for 1 second
except KeyboardInterrupt:
    print('Script end!')

My problem is that when IΒ΄m trying to implement this proccess in Codesys I canΒ΄t achive nothing. I have declared a global variable PIN_17 (figure 1). And in the GPIOS_B_PI2 Device at GPIOs Configuration i declare the GPIO17 as output (figure 2). Finally i associate at the GPIOs E/S asignation the bit 17 of the digital output array to my global variable "GVL_GPIO.PIN_17" (figure 3). The problem is when i change the value of the variable PIN_17 i cant connect/disconnect the relay. I dont know if IΒ΄m doing something wrong or IΒ΄m missing any step but any help would be grateful.

In addition I have tried also with the other GPIOs device (GPIOs A/B) but the result is the same. Both versions are the



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