Andi.Baumann - 2016-04-06

Hello everybody,

I have created a device (one library and one device description)
which includes 2 MCPs.
--> A MCP23017 for 16 inputs and a MCP23017 for 16 outputs.
My Device which i am using is the Raspberry Pi (via i2c).
In the function block of the library i have defined for my VAR_INPUT
and VAR_OUTPUT my variables IN and OUT.
In my project I can also responsive outputs, for example BIT 0: mydevice.OUT.0

Now to my question:
I want to create a new variable in the I/O image (in the project). But the problem is
that i cannot respond to my inputs and outputs with my new variable.
I think i miss somehow the connection between the I / O image, the parameters
in the device description and in the library.
Is there a solution for my problem?

It is a practical project so
thanks for helpful answers!

Best regards