CODESYS Gateway - login to plc using URL

  • kislov

    kislov - 2020-12-23

    I have PLC with "white" static IP-address and URL (something like as "")

    I want to login in this PLC from CODESYS IDE.

    When I use IP-address - all works fine (see screenshot).

    But if I use instead IP "" (just in case: my real URL is different and I'm sure it works because I can open web-visu of PLC with it) - I got timeout error from Gateway.

    Is this possible to login PLC using URL?


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  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-12-23

    From your screenshot, if you click Device > Manage Favourite Devices > Add, you will get a blue tip about using "dns:" to prefix your dns address.

    you might be able to just type "" into the Device box, but you won't get the helpful blue tip about the syntax.

    • kislov

      kislov - 2020-12-23

      Thank you, prefix "dns" solve my question!
      Happy holidays!


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