shakir - 2020-11-05

I want to encrypt my CODESYS data to OPC Expert. I can connect with CODESYS OPC Server with OPC Expert but not able to encrypt any data from there. In my CODESYS program I followed the following link to create OPC certificate :;product=codesys;version=

But here it is mentioned in the beginning that "In order to encrypt data and exchange it with the client safely, the server needs a certificate that the client must classify as trusted when a connection is established for the first time." I can create my OPC Certificate for my runtime device but it creates in device own certificate and shows this message on certificate information "This CA certificate is not trusted. To enable trust, install this certificate Trusted Root Certificattion Authorities Store". But if I install the certificate in Trusted Root Certification Authorties then in certificate window message it shows " The certificate is expired or not valid yet". So did I miss anything to turn my OPC certificate as trusted certificate so that I can encrypt my CODESYS program data with OPC Expert.
Regarding this I am not able to encrypt connection with Ua Expert as well. I can connect my program till DeviceSet>CODESYS Control Win V3*64> Resources. So what did I miss?


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