andrecavalcante - 2021-10-05

Hello everybody,

I'm new in this forum.
I have installed CodeSys 4 Linux (Codesys 3.15 SP 16 over wine). I need this because the use with VM was very, very, very slow (impossible to use for sure!)
I have installed CodeSys Control for Linux SL, v.
All in the same machine: AMD Rydeon 5 with 8GB RAM, Linux Ubuntu 20.04.
The Control Linux is running, attested by CodeSys (Tools -> update CodeSys) and by linux terminal.
I have Windows installed in dual boot in the same machine and the CodeSys works well, but I can't use it to test with Control Linux SL (same machine).
In CodeSys (installed by I can create and build some programs (I tested ST and LD for now, but I will test all languages - must work without problems!).
But I can't log in.
In the Update Linux properties dialog, I can write my credentials and I can put IP directly in IPaddress edit text box. After that, I can install packages, get System Info, and both Start or Stop runtime service (that is, CodeSys can initiate SSH session and performs some action in the system). But I can't found the linux device (in the same machine). If I can't found the device, I can't log in it.
If I click Scan, without forcing IP address, the system found a Linux in my wi-fi router (it is correct, it is a linux too, but don't have installed codesys control linux sl service, of course), but don't find my machine.
I was thinking the problem was the firewall, but I can found the CodeSys Gateway without problems. (In

My questions?
There is some failure in my procedure?
Is it some bug inside CodeSys when it is used over Wine?
There is some workaround about this?
How can I find put this to work?