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Beckhoff EL7211 Servo Problem

  • ekmekci

    ekmekci - 2017-08-22


    I am trying to use Backhoff EL7211 servo in raspberry pi. But i have problem.
    I updated Raspberry pi
    I updated Codesys
    I added EK1100 ethercat coupler from Beckhoff
    I added EL7211 Servo motor driver

    As you see on pic, i got Configuration error. I dont know why and i dont know how to solve it

    Is there anyone can help me ?

    IMG: Bild

  • ekmekci

    ekmekci - 2017-08-23

    The problem has solved.

  • murdemon

    murdemon - 2017-08-23

    What was problem?

  • chris.beard

    chris.beard - 2017-08-29

    ekmekci hat geschrieben:
    The problem has solved.
    What was the issue. I have a similar issue

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  • ekmekci

    ekmekci - 2017-09-06

    chris.beard hat geschrieben:
    What was the issue. I have a similar issue
    Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk

    The problem was, Beckhof 7211 drivers have 2 different profile. One of them is DS402 profile other one ise MDP742 profile. In default EL7211 servodriver comes with MDP742 profile. But unfortunately, Codesys SM functions cannot work with MDP742 profile. You have to change profine in Twincat software. After changing MDP742 profile to DS402 profile everything can work.

  • mascara

    mascara - 2021-10-14

    Could you tell how you did to change to DS402 ?
    I have the same problem. Do you need a Beckhoff Computer to make the change?


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