3.5 inch screen problems

  • steaass

    steaass - 2020-11-09

    I get 3.5 inch screen for my pi 4. And i have some problems, i dont know how to fix them, two of them is:
    1. Its hard to watch directly at the screen, brightness are soo high, can i lower this somehow?
    2. Its laggy soo much, can i cofigure this to work at at least 30 fps?


  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2020-11-09

    You have these problems outside of Codesys?

    How is it connected, through micro HDMI, SPI, or I2C? Unfortunately I've always used the HDMI connectors when I've had to connect to a screen. If its SPI or I2C you'll have to look at what can be done there possibly with the baud rate and how to control screen brightness. Sounds like it might be defaulting to 100% brightness and you would know better than me if you can control it from your linux install.

    You'll have to look to your OS and the possibly any documentation from the screen manufacturer.


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