Is CODESYS adapted to TMDXIDK5728? (AM57xx)

  • samwoo68

    samwoo68 - 2017-06-02


    t looks like CODESYS when i watch the video of the link below.

    Is CODESYS adapted to TMDXIDK5728? (AM57xx)
    I want to know how to experience programming in the same environment.
    Is there a SL for TMDXIDK5728?
    If you do not have that product, do you any plan to release it?

  • chris.beard

    chris.beard - 2017-06-02

    Yes this is codesys. It will be the same as using the raspberry pi or beagle bone black by the looks of things. For more info I would contact the manufacturer of the device. (Texas instruments by the look of things). Codesys is just the programming environment.

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