• Bot

    Bot - 2014-12-03

    I want to use Unipi with codesys, wish library to use for 8 relay (MCP23008 port expander)?

    BR bot

  • kmpm

    kmpm - 2014-12-03

    I am hoping for the same thing. It shouldn't be impossible to use some of the similar drivers and adapt it to unipi-the-universal-raspberry-pi-add-on-board.

  • DavidCozens

    DavidCozens - 2016-11-04

    CODESYS for UniPi is now available for free from the CODESYS store.

    This has full support for the UniPi 1.1 board, and the EMO-1W8R and EMO-4R4DI expansion modules (The SSR versions should also work using the same drivers.

  • kaif

    kaif - 2020-10-27

    Hello David,
    is there a chance to get your package somehow?
    It is not available in the Store and nowhere in google search ... :/


  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2020-10-29

    Bad news for you @kaif


    Until recently, CODESYS was developed and supported by third-party developers. However, the third-party discontinued the product and CODESYS for Unipi controllers is no longer available. For Unipi 1.1 and Unipi Axon it is still possible, but very difficult to use CODESYS.

    A possibility exists for Unipi Neuron users through using a clean OS Debian image.

    Unipi Neuron

    To run CODESYS you need to purchase and download the CODESYS for Raspberry Pi installer package.
    The next step is to set up a Modbus TCP server on the PLC, allowing CODESYS to communicate with I/Os of the controller.

    Of course the Neuron is also being discontinued and may not be available.


    Last edit: Morberis 2020-10-29
  • kaif

    kaif - 2021-04-02

    Hi Morberis,
    thank you. I know this post.
    But I hoped, that I can find here somebody, who knows some tricks to let it run. As written on the page "it is still possible, but very difficult to use CODESYS."



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