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Application Stops After 20 secconds

  • matt-ics

    matt-ics - 2021-03-09


    I encountered the runtime issue last year where Codesys applications would stop running after a few (~20) seconds on my Pi compute module 3. It was resolved with v3.5.16.20 and an update to linux 5.4.70-v71+ and Codesys ran fine on our devices until last week when the issue started again.

    I have tried updating to Codesys version on the pi and the issue persists on two separate devices. One of the devices in licensed and the other is not. Any advice on how what could be causing this or what I need to do to fix it will be much appreciated.

    Please let me know if I should share any more information about the issue to help get this resolved.

  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2021-03-10

    Here are the 2 basic questions

    Is there anything in the log?

    And can you share your application?

    As well as,

    Are all the project environment settings updated?


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