Anonymous - 2015-10-01

Originally created by: Captive Engineer


I have prepared a web visualization involving several trends, and for each of these I have defined a start and a stop variable. Apparently, the default mode of operation for the trace is to run the trace, even if it has not been accessed by a browser.

I would like the traces not to start automatically, but if this is not an option, then I want to at least send a stop command to the trace shortly after my controller begins running the program. My reason for this is that the traces do use up some of the CPU availability. None of my attempts to automatically stop the trace have yet worked. However, my stop commands do work while the visualization is accessed by the browser. So it seems that the stop command controls the trace only if the web visualization is active, but the trace is active by default.

Is there a way to stop the trace without activating the web visualization?

Thanks very much,
The Captive Engineer