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  • sedoerr

    sedoerr - 2020-08-31

    Hi there,

    i am using CoDeSys with a Hardware PLC. I wanted to use Trace in my WebVisu, but in special controls this function is missing. Anyone know why this is missing?

    BR Sebastian

  • kislov

    kislov - 2020-08-31

    Hi. Seems like it's disabled in your PLC target file...

  • sedoerr

    sedoerr - 2020-08-31

    Ah okay, so PLC target files can disable this function?

    EDIT: it seems that i can only insert the trace in a visualization window under "device" not in a visualization window under "POU"


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    • m.prestel

      m.prestel - 2020-09-01

      A Trace requires a application.
      If your visualization is below POU, there is no application available

      • sedoerr

        sedoerr - 2020-09-01

        Hey Marcel,

        thanks for your reply. Do you know if it is possible to get a trace in a visualization which is under POU?

        I have tried to add the Trace in a visualization under Device and then show this visualization in a frame in a visualization which is under POU. It is working, but it seems that there is a bug. If i do it like this, all my rectangle elements are loosing there option to deactivate them.

        • m.prestel

          m.prestel - 2020-09-01


          as far as I know this is not possible.

          Best regards,


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