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Web Browser Element "Show" Rising Edge

  • rckalex

    rckalex - 2022-01-03

    Currently, I am using a web browser element in a "pop-up" visualization that is called via an OnMouseUp Open Dialog command. The open dialog command passes an object to the Dialog which contains the URL string and the Show bool for the browser element. As part of the OnMouseUp event I am setting using an Execute ST call to set the Show bool to true. This seems to load the URL from the last object that was passed into the Dialog.

    It it possible to have a visualization execute some code once it loads so that the Show rising edge is only detected once the new URL has been passed in? Is there a better way to use the Web Browser "show" element to ensure the correct URL is loaded?

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2022-01-04

    do you have a small example project for us?

    Best regards,

    • rckalex

      rckalex - 2022-01-05

      Hi Marcel,

      Sample project archive attached.

      • m.prestel

        m.prestel - 2022-01-10

        Attached a project which should help you.

        • rckalex

          rckalex - 2022-01-10


          Its a novel solution but it seems break if I load page 3 and then try to load any of the other pages. However, it appears to abstract for multiple clients without issue.


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