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How reconize alarm from SqlLite

  • sbiughy - 2018-10-02

    Good morning,
    I am using a ControlWin 32bit with TargetVisu (CoDeSys version 3.5 SP13) and using a SqlLite DB browser I can see the history alarm list but I didn't find any rules to understant the alarm references.
    I attach a picture about the Alarm table exported from DB.
    The column "AlarmId" in SqlLite Table looks like to don't match with thi ID Alarm inside the Codesys.

    Someone knows some tips about the Alarm SQL database?

    Best Regards,

    IMG: TAlarm.png

  • samf - 2023-08-10

    Hi sbiughy,
    Did you find where the AlarmId can be referenced?
    I am trying to build an alarm viewer that queries the sqlite database but cannot find how the ID numbers relate.


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