Drop-down appears on top of combobox

  • julien

    julien - 2021-01-26

    Hi everyboby,
    i creating a webvisu with a combo box, in simulation, the drop-down list appears on the top of his combobox. I'd like to the drop-down list appears on the bottom of the combobox but i don't found the right property to do that. Maybe this cause by an other property, but i don't know wich is it.

    Can you help me please?


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    JAPIB - 2021-01-26

    Hi Julien

    I think there is no property to resolve your problem.
    I try myself your example and it works very well, droplist is drawn under combobox.
    But I discovered something, the combobox must have enought place to develop the droplist.
    If Combobox is placed on the bottom of the page the drop list is drawn above the combobox, because it has no place to draw under it.

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2021-01-27

    Hello everyone,

    yes the combobox int/array positions itself below if there is enough space, otherwise it will open above.

    Best regards,

  • julien

    julien - 2021-01-28

    Hello Japib, hello Marcel,
    i did a test in a new view and just a combo box,that's worked well, in my main view, the space under the box is enough for displaying the droplist under the combo box, but the droplist appears always open above the combo box. I did delete all shapes/forms under the Combo box, and the problem stay the same. With some tests, i found this:
    If the Combobox is just under the top of the screen, the list
    appears under the box, and when i'm scrolling the view to the top of the screen.
    i'll watch this later, it's ambiguous...


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