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  • tvm

    tvm - 2021-01-19

    I have a table element that's displaying some strange behaviour. The table is displaying an ARRAY[1..250] OF STRING(40). It displays the values properly as long as they don't change. Any time I change a value, only the three or four values around the changed one will display. The rest of the table turns into a blank grey area. See attached pictures. The same behaviour is displayed whenever I try to select a row in the table.
    Is there a limit on the number of elements I can display, or the size of the array? The array is 10KB, is that the problem? I don't see this with any other tables of smaller size.

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2021-01-22

    Hello @tvm,

    I think there is the INT Limit of visible cells, but I think I also saw Arrays with a size of DINT.

    Could you please attach an example project?

    Best regards,

  • tvm

    tvm - 2021-01-25

    I managed to isolate the problem. There are two tables displayed on the same page, both embedded into frames. If either one of the frames is configured with a scaling type of "Fixed and Scrollable", both frames start to display the strange behaviour. That's easily fixed, because the table element has its own scroll bars, so I can set the scaling type to something else.

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2021-01-26

    hello @tvm,
    could you still provide the application so that this issue can be fixed?

    Best regards,

  • tvm

    tvm - 2021-01-27

    I've attached an example. It displays somewhat different behaviour in that none of the rows are selectable at all when either one of the frames is configured "fixed and scrollable". I'm using Schneider Machine Expert though, so I don't know if this will be openable in plain Codesys.

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2021-01-28

    attached you can find a project for CODESYS SP12 Patch 8.
    Was not able to reproduce it, but could not use the project you provided.

    Can you check if this issue is also reproducable with the attached project for you?

    The one thing I see is, that the frame looses the keyboard handling focus after pressing down once.
    The table on the right can be selected without problems.

    Best regards,


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