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  • Cheater10

    Cheater10 - 2016-11-29

    The Alarm Manager has a good example. But I do not see why I got it not to run...
    My Problem is:
    Example to set a Error is described..
    Alarmmanager.AlarmGlobals.g_AlarmHandler.RaiseEvent(Alm_AlarmConfiguration_Alarmgroup_IDs.ID_AlarmGroup1, Alm_AlarmGroup1_Alarm_IDs.ID_0);

    the thing is.. if I push F2 to see the variables I can only see the Alarm_ID's and not the AlarmGroup_ID's.
    Why is that?
    In the table example it is the same but not in the AlarmManager example.
    I do not want to copy the hole example of the AlarmManager to my project
    What do I have to do to make it work???
    Attached you will find the Picture from the InputAssistant which is in the example.
    I can see number 2 but not number 1.

    Thank you for any help

    IMG: AlarmManager.PNG

  • timvh

    timvh - 2017-05-16

    I had the same problem with

    What I did as work-around is change my project to use compiler version and visualisation profile (changing nothing else). Then I could choose them.
    See the "project settings" of your project to change this (temporarily).

    At 3S-Smart Software Solutions this is a known issue and registered as Jira issue CDS-52260.

  • nothinrandom

    nothinrandom - 2017-06-17

    You might have figured it out by now, but just click on "Set all to newest" and AlarmManager project will load fine


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