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Zoom with Webvisu on e.g. Andoid

  • AGB

    AGB - 2021-08-11

    Somehow until 3.5.16 - after upgrade to 3.5.17 -> if I changed on my Android (Tablet&Mobile) to "Desktop slte" I was able to Zoom in to the Web Visu. However, after Upgrade to 3.5.17 I cant zoom in anymore which makes my pages on a mobile device almmost useless bec to small to touch with evem my sticky fingers ;).
    Is there any setting to get Zoom in to Web Visu possible?
    Cheers, Andy

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2021-08-12


    I dont see any changes happening between SP16 and SP17 which could be the cause for your problem.
    Could you try to remove the "<meta name="" viewport""="" content="" initial-scale="1.0""">" from your webvisu.htm and retry?
    Also try to delete your cookies please.

    Best regards,

  • AGB

    AGB - 2021-08-16

    Hi Marcel

    I remeber having the same issue with a previous release. Unfortunately I don't remeber how I solved it. πŸ™ˆ
    I'm still struggling a bit finding the converted posts from the old forum, bec I'm sure, if I have changed webvisu.htm in the past, it was trough a hint in the old forum.

    However, I tried to remove this line in the webvisu.htm, no success, ok could not restart the controller so far. I'll try today with a reboot of the WAGO. cookies I have deleted, or used inkognito mode.

    I'm wondering if I'm the only one having this "fixed zoom" issue or is anyone else creating additional mobile optimized webvisus?

    I'll let you know if it worked after a proper reboot.

    Gruss, Andreas

  • AGB

    AGB - 2021-08-16

    Just made a few tests.
    Always with controller restart - which I beleave - is not needed.
    1: Removing the meta tag in webvisu.htm (line mentioned in previous post) -> did not help.
    2: Adding anther meta tag (<meta name="viewport" content="user-scalable=yes">) no success.
    3: I tried in Android - Chrome - Settings - Accessibility - Force Enable Zoom -> active, also no sucess.

    I am still trying to remember what I have done in past to get zoom working.
    Zoom was very convenient, I actually had to change to "desktop mode" in android chrome but then was a smooth way to control the "big" screen visu by zoom&drag.

    For sure between some 3.5.15/16.xx releases I was not changing any settings, zooming was still possible.

    What could it be? Any settings in VisualisationManager or Webvisu?

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2021-08-17


    are you now talking about changes between SP16 and SP17 or SP15 and SP16?

    Try to clear the cookies maybe for your site.

    I dont remember anything specific which would prevent zooming and I am not aware of anyone else having such issues.

    Best regards,

  • AGB

    AGB - 2021-08-18


    Hallo Marcel

    Fist of all, thanks for swift reply. Very good support.

    I had some time left to try many different settings.

    There is a new setting in SP17 "Handle touch as mouse event".
    If activated, zooming in mobile browsers wont work (anymore).
    I guess it was me activating it in SP17, bec is sounded like nice for mobile use.
    However, the told touch sliding and scrolling was even not working in my actual project, so I'm fine to deactivate it.

    Help says:
    "On devices with a touchscreen, gestures are treated as mouse actions. This option is required, for example, to operate a slider or scrollbar on a touch device."
    -> Maybe you can tell me more for the benefits of this setting for a WebVisu??

    Seems that slinding tow fingers apart will not be treated as zoom in. ;)

    Nevertheless, thanks again for quick support.

    PS: www.braufabrik.ch Our micro brewery is fully running really stable on Codesys with Wago.
    In my daily usual job I'm working most with ABB 800xA PLC / 800M Controllers. Codesys eng enviroment for me is def more fun.

    Can I just ask for another issue or shall I open an new thread?

    What I still dont really get is the storage of the trends. As my main problem with Codesys/Wago is the trend storage. Many times - after a while even witout touching it - I got "IO Error" on the trends, which seems to be a problem of filling up the WAGO controller storage?
    Sometimes it helped to de/reconfigure the trends, sometimes only initial loading the PFC200 with WAGO FW and reloading Codesys from scratch.
    I still having an SD card in the WAGO PFC200 and adapted CODESYSControl.cfg with the followin line: "PlaceholderFilePath.1=/media/sd, $PlcLogic$"
    As per SP17 this has to be done in CODESYSControl_User.cfg but when I look in the eng eviroment under "Files" it seems to be stored in the controller internal memory itself?
    Long talk short question: Whats the best way to store trends in a safe and reliable way?
    Or in other words, will it be possible - in future - to define trend storage on sd card from codesys engineering environement?

    Cheers Andy

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2021-08-19


    this setting results in the client reacting to all touch events and sending it back to the PLC.
    This will most likely prevent the browser from reacting to these touch events (since the javascript code already handles the event).

    If I am ever in this area I make sure to get a beer ok? :)

    Yeah, it would be better to open a separate issue. Helps others and it is not really related.

    Best regards,


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