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Message in Visualization

  • drChiavo

    drChiavo - 2016-01-14


    Is it possible to prompt messages in the Visualization? If yes, how can I do that? Or which library can I use?

    What I want to do is to send a message in the Visualization in case the "start button" haven't pressed.

    Something like...

    IF xStart THEN
    xStartProcess := TRUE;
    XStartPorcess := FALSE;
    //PROMPT MESSAGE IN VISUALIZATION ('Please press start button to start')

  • jvondrus

    jvondrus - 2016-01-14


    I'm doing this by button element field which is hidden / shown as specific value says.

    Look for "State variables" then "invisible" and "Deactivate input". Default is TRUE = HIDDEN / DEACTIVATED, so if do you want FALSE for HIDDEN you have to put "!" after variable, like "XStartPorcess!"

  • drChiavo

    drChiavo - 2016-01-15


    I tried what you said but it didnt work. I have done a screenshot in the places where you said I should put "!".

    IMG: State.PNG

  • jvondrus

    jvondrus - 2016-01-15


    its OK, if g_Stop is FALSE you have to see your element visible and active for touch (click) event.
    g_Stop must be BOOLEAN type.

    Have you any error message in log?

  • drChiavo

    drChiavo - 2016-01-20


    Sorry, because I answered you too late. It is true that the initial status TRUE = HIDDEN but with "!" has no effect. Still TRUE := HIDDEN.

  • jvondrus

    jvondrus - 2016-01-20

    It's long time when I used it, I dot'n remember exact type. And I have not CODESYS on this computer right now.

    Maybe it required ( ).

  • Anonymous - 2016-09-12

    Originally created by: barkamharikrishna

    please used NOT before your variable .
    its works


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