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"Invalid Paint Command" warnings

  • rickj

    rickj - 2021-02-24

    We are having trouble resolving "Invalid Paint Command" warnings in the log file. As you likely already know, it's very difficult to identify the source of these warnings. Typically, it's necessary to resort to brute force methodology where portions of the project are removed until the warnings are no longer present. In our current project, everything was removed but the warnings remain.

    I've created a new pristine project and have added only one visualization screen with one rectangle element on the screen but there are still 'Invalid Paint Command" warnings. If the project is built for "Simulation" or "...Win V3" there are no warnings. If built for "... x86 From CrossControl" there are warnings".

    We are using Codesys V16.1 for our current project that has recently shipped and will be commissioned in the near future. The attached test project was created with Codesys V16.4.

    Since part of the problem seems to be specific to the CrossControl runtime I have submitted a ticket with them but have not yet heard back. I have posted here for a couple of reasons and hope I may find some help here>

    1. What kinds of things could I try to get the CrossControl runtime to be more happy with the visualization? Library/compiler versions?

    2. Is there a better way of finding the source of "Invalid Paint Command"? This has been a recurring issue from project to project and is often very time consuming to resolve. Is there some option to include additional debug info that would help in this situation?

    3. Is there any possibility that future Codesys versions the warning message could be improved to include more information such as the identity of the item causing the problem (i.e. "Invalid Paint Command, while painting SomeElementName on screen ThisOrThatScreen")?

    Any assistance or ideas about this would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2021-02-24

    Hello @rickj,

    the error is reported when the runtime does not implement a paint command (a paint command is e.g. Draw a rectangle starting at position 0,0 with width/height 300,200).

    If this warning appears it can happen that the appearance of the visualization (the targetvisu) differs to the configured visualization.

    No there is no good way to find out whats wrong. Normally the runtime is just not up to date to match the new paint commands. It normally requires actions by the oem.

    A trick could be to go back to an older visu profile version, if it really affects your release.

    No, there is no good way to get additional informations which element causes the warning, mostly because this information is not available in the targetvisu.

    Best regards,


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