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Webvisu and Apache Mod_proxy

  • sallos

    sallos - 2018-06-03


    i have a Problem with the Webvisu.

    I want to output the Webvisu via a Mod_Proxy of an Apachen2 but I always get this error:

    "An error happened will automatically restart"

    My Apache Config:

    ProxyPass /SPK207/ http://192.168.2.XX:8080/

    https://WebAdress/SPK207/webvisu.htm is the Link..

    Has anyone possibly experiences?


  • eeyrsja

    eeyrsja - 2022-04-20

    I found this question while struggling with the same issue. The cause of the error message is that the webpage is looking for a file called WebVisuV3.bin at the root of the server, which is not properly mapped by the reverse proxy.

    The solution is to add another reverse proxy instruction for the WebVisuV3.bin file. This is my configuration:

    <Location /plc/>
      Order allow,deny
      Allow from all
      ProxyPreserveHost On 
    <Location /WebVisuV3.bin>
      Order allow,deny
      Allow from all 
      ProxyPreserveHost On 

    Last edit: eeyrsja 2022-04-20

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