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Codesys device configuration

  • dileesha - 2023-12-08

    I am new to this and I have a Beijer X2 Control 7 HMI and in my laptop I have installed codesys v3.5, ix developer and codesys gateway control. I have designed a simple PLC programme and Im trying to connect my PC and Beijer HMI via an ethernet cable and scanit in the codesys software. But when I scan it does not show any device.

  • dhumphries - 2023-12-30

    First make sure the programming laptop and HMI are both on the same subnet. For example if the IP address of the HMI is with a subnet mask set your laptop IP to with a subnet mask of

    Make sure the cables are fully connected (the ethernet port on my programming laptop will click once but the cable is not fully seated.) Make sure the HMI is powered on, try pinging the device from a command prompt, if you can't ping the HMI there is a network issue that has to be resolved first.


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