edepalos - 2024-01-16

Hi guys,

I have a textlist in my project which is working just as expected in a drop down list. I would like to move this text list to a sd card and access it from there, because I want to ease the editing of the contents of this textlist. I'm imagining a solution like the operator shuts down the plant, takes the sd card out, edits the textlist on the card with a windows machines notepad, then reinserts the card in the PLC and restarts the plant, having the new content of the textlist populating the dropdown list. I'm sorry that I'm asking you to spoonfeed me, but I did not find anything straightforward to do this... I saw in the Project>Project settings>Visualisation a relative path thingy, but I have the plant in operation and I would not like to make 100 trial and errors right now...

I'm also not interested in SysLib file read commands and stuff, I would just like to access the file from the cards part, I don't want to replace its contents dynamically or such... nor I have language files or recipes...

Thank You in advance!