Login button with touchscreen no keypad

  • ryan-cea

    ryan-cea - 2020-08-26

    Hello, I have set up login button for a touchscreen but don't get a keypad to enter any data. It works fine with the keyboard in webvisu or in the IDE. The default Visualization Manager Text Inputs are Numpad and Keypad and work fine with other variables, just the login button doesn't give an option to enter text with a Keypad. The user Management Dialogs are default. What other options can I change?
    Using Codesys V3.5 SP16


  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2020-08-26

    So in the input configuration window you're trying to do "User Management", user management dialog windows are opening but when you click on username or password no on-screen keyboard is appearing? But if you are using a visudialog window to write a variable they are appearing?

    Is there a keyboard plugged in? If it is, when you have the user management window open does the keyboard type?

    In the visualization manager there is an option called "Activate Standard Keyboard Handling". Now it doesn't say it in the help but when I have that activated and I have a keyboard plugged in on-screen keyboards don't appear.


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