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Map in Codesys

  • david24 - 2024-04-02

    Hello everyone,
    I have the task of programming a map. With the help of the visualization element "Table", I have managed to accomplish this.
    In the Input Configuration, I activated the option: "Write Variables", so that the user can change the values in the map.
    To test the program, I select the Online Mode (Simulation).There I change the values in the map. When restarting the program in CODESYS, the changes in the map are no longer there.
    Does anyone know an approach how to save the changes in the map?

    Thank you for your support
    Best regards

  • nano - 2024-04-04

    There are several versions, u can use an recipt, shm, perstance variables, persistsnce manager.

    all these ways has some pro's and con's and some of them depending on preparation of the controller byself. others depending on your functionalies and dependencies on project.

    for all of these ways, you can find the informations on the onlinehelp or from controller-oem


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