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  • jtebokkel

    jtebokkel - 2020-03-27

    I'm getting EventBuffer full errors in my webvisu. What causes this and what can be done to prevent these errors?

    I'm guessing it is related to number of screen objects, but is it certain types? (Inputs vs display items)

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-03-31

    Hello @jtebokkel,

    what CODESYS Version did you use to download the visualization?
    What visu profile version did you use?

    Events are stored temporarily in a buffer in the runtime when they are received from the client.
    The Visu-Task will pull on or more (depending on e.g. the event type) out of the buffer and handle the event.

    The queue is big enough for most use cases.
    An exception e.g. in the runtime or visualization may cause this error.
    Or a lot of quick clicking (maybe multiple fingers without multitouch being active) could also cause the message.
    Normally nothing really bad happens (some inputs are dropped but nothing should break).

    If it is really just too many inputs, making the Visu task quicker is a good idea.

    Best regards,

    • jtebokkel

      jtebokkel - 2020-03-31

      Hard to say for sure which codesys version since schneider electric hides that. I'm using Machine Expert v1.2 which uses codesys 3.5.? Visu profile is Machine Expert v1.2 (I really wish third party vendors didn't feel the need to hide what they are really using.)

      I was able to prevent the error by de-nesting the tab control. I had a tab-control with a second tab-control on the offending tab. I don't know if maybe with the nested tab-control all the elements for the second tab-control were active?

      Thanks for your input.


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  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-04-01

    Hello @jtebokkel,

    well ok then we are talking about an old visu profile version.
    Not sure if anything was fixed between 9 SPs in this area out of my head.

    Try to get in contact with the schneider support if you know how to reproduce this issue.

    Best regards,


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