Opening a Dialog on a specific Client from ST

  • manuknecht - 2023-08-11

    I would like the following to happen: Upon pressing a button, one of several dialogs shall be opened, depending on the state of other variables. I managed to realize this by either using the "Execute ST-Code" Option in the Input Configuration or by setting a BOOL Variable on button tap and executing the same code elsewhere. The code is something like this:

    CASE eCmdType OF

    When using the client filter "AllClients", and using several visualizations (i.e. several webbrowser instances), the dialog stays open on other visus, which is undesired. Using the option "CurrentClient" is what I am looking for, however it only works when being called in the "Execute ST-Code" section of the button.

    How can I record on which client a button was pressed and open a Dialog only in the regarding client? I tried creating a variable of type VU.IVisualizationClientFilter and setting it to VU.Globals.CurrentClient in the Input Configuration of the button, but that does not seem to work.

    Would appreciate any ideas!



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  • manuknecht - 2023-09-27

    I managed to find a solution that seems to work reliably. As the VU.Globals.CurrentClient-filter accesses the CURRENTCLIENTID or at least a similar, internal variable it can only be used if called from a certain client (e.g. from a button in a visualization). My solution works by implementing a new client filter that compares the client ID of all clients to the ID of the last client that was used. The variable containing the data of the last client is defined as:

    G_LastClient    : VU.IVisualizationClient;  // Copy of last client that detected click

    This last client is then updated every time a button is pressed using the Execute ST-Code input configuration of the button:

    G_LastClient := VU.PublicVariables.Clients.Current;

    Next, I created a function block that implements the client filter interface as so:

    FUNCTION_BLOCK FB_LastClientFilter IMPLEMENTS VU.IVisualizationClientFilter

    Then i added a method to the FB called IsAccepted which is used to filter out the client. When creating the method, it should automatically be filled with the according variable declaration, as it is defined in the interface:

    (* For every client can be desided, if it is accepted.
     ``TRUE``: Client is accepted*)
    METHOD IsAccepted : BOOL
        (* The client, to check*)
        itfClient   : VU.IVisualizationClient;

    Now the client can be compared to the last used client as such:

    // check if clientID corresponds to clientID of last recorderd client
    IF itfCLient.ClientId = G_LastClient.ClientId THEN
        IsAccepted := TRUE;
        IsAccepted := FALSE;

    To make use of this custom client filter, initialize a variable with the client filter:

    LastClient      : FB_LastClientFilter;  // Client filter to find last used client

    Then use this client filter when opening or closing a dialog from ST:

  • jinlee - 2024-02-08

    for this, G_LastClient := VU.PublicVariables.Clients.Current;

    It fails to do it.


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