open dialog from library

  • tvm

    tvm - 2019-08-09

    If I define a visualization as a dialog, and include it directly in my project, I can open it with no problems (using a button object, input configuration OnMouseClick, Open Dialog). If I move the dialog to a library, and update the button to open the dialog from the library, nothing happens.
    Is there any reason I shouldn't be able to open a dialog box from a library?

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2019-08-12

    Hello tvm,

    no there is no reason for that and I was not able to reproduce your issue.

    Which compiler-verison and visu-profile are you using?

    Best regards,

  • tvm

    tvm - 2019-08-13

    I'm using Schneider SoMachine, which uses Codesys v3.5.3.87. There's an upgrade coming soon, I'll try again with the new version.
    thanks for the reply


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