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Editable table

  • joanm

    joanm - 2021-07-08

    Hello all,

    I'm making a project in whihc I have to show and edit a lot of values inside an array of structures:

    the structure has 3 reals inside:

        rFault : REAL := 0.0;
        rWarning : REAL := 0.0;
        rMinimum : REAL := 0.0;

    And the array of structures:

    arrdataToShowAndModify : ARRAY[1..50] OF ST_DataItem;

    This makes a table (in the visualization) with 50 rows and 3 columns which is perfect.

    This said, how can I edit the values when touching them?

    I've been trying to find how to do it for a while but have not been able to see it.

    Thank you very much for your time and help.

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2021-07-09


    In the column configuration check "Use template"
    Then add a "Write variable" input action, e.g. here on OnMouseClick.

    Best regards,

  • joanm

    joanm - 2021-07-09


    Thank you very much Marcel!


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