appling - 2 days ago

Hi everyone!
I have a host application that is using the visualization profile “CODESYS V3.5 SP10 PATCH 3”.
I am creating a visualization library and want to use it in said application.

In the library, I have also set the visu profile to “CODESYS V3.5 SP10 PATCH 3”. I have checked all libraries like “VisuElems, (System)” to be of the same version in the library and in the application.
Unfortunately, when I edit visu elements in the library, I get different editing options in the library and in the host application. For example, when I create a rectangle:

On a visu screen in the library I can choose the text font and size (this seems to be a newer functionality).
On a visu screen in the host application I can only choose from a few pre-defined text sizes (like BIG or BIG TITLE).

The weird thing is, that I am using the same Codesys Profile for both. As I said, I have made sure to set all libraries to the same version. Also the compiler version is identical between the application and the library.

Hope someone knows, how I can set the library editing options to the same as the application’s. Now I cannot change the text size of visu elements, as the font size I choose in the library seems not to translate to the application.

Best regards