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Visualisations in Frames

  • selli69 - 2018-01-23


    I apoligize asking the same thing i asked before in the german forum, but maybe i get more response here.

    Is it possible to influece the List of referenced visualisations for a frame programmatically OR to set the actual visualisation for a frame (which isnt listed as referenced visualisation) by a string?

    Background is, my application has many different "Functions" each one with his own visualisation. The user can arrange those "Functions" in a grid-layout by his own requirements. Because there are many different layouts (different count of blocks, screen ratio) there will be many frames (approx. 100 by now) which i have to edit, when a new function is introduced or a function is deleted. This is a pretty boring and error-prone task.

    Isnt it possible to switch the vis for a frame in the way i can do this for VisuElems.CURRENTVISU:='an_available_visu' ?
    And if this is possible, how do i reference a frame element? I tried some assignments like: visuname.elementname := 'visuname' but all of that does not work.

    Soory, im a codesys noob but hope that someone can help.


  • giglecald - 2023-12-19

    Almost 2024 and I'm looking for this too XD
    Can't seem to find a way to get the current visualization inside a frame


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