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Changing Visualization with digital Input

  • princessdvlk

    princessdvlk - 2022-05-09

    Hello All,

    I am using Raspberry Pi based PLC with Codesys SP17 Patch3. I am planning on changing the visualization screen when an Input that is connected at GPIO4 of raspberry Pi is pressed. Is there a way I can do it? I am confused.

    Thanking you all!

  • ludecus

    ludecus - 2022-05-09

    The simplest way to do so is to use a Frame of the CODESYS Visu Element list.

    The Frame requires a Switch frame variable as INT.

    Somewhere in your code, each press could increase the linked variable.

    BTW: Most of the Visualizations use a code behind.

    • princessdvlk

      princessdvlk - 2022-05-09


      Yes, this worked. Thank you so much for your help. I could switch in between the screens successfully. :)

      Best Regards!


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