Meter visualisation

  • Runningman - 2016-03-14

    Can somebody help with this please?

    I am using Codesys V3.5.7 (EATON version) with web visualisation.

    I have a rounded rectangle with gradient fill as a background.

    On creating any meter from the measurement controls section as the foreground, the meter is placed at the back and only the pointer is visible in the foreground.

    Is this a bug and is there any other way of doing this?

    Many thanks.

  • pinal.baraiya - 2016-06-03

    Hi There,

    I have faced this issue, but i usually ungroup them first.

    i click on meter... go to properties of the element ----> background image; which shows <default>..... i clear this section and no image for this meter. I add other circluar image.</default>

    then right click on the circular bmp and click on order ---> send to back.

    then right click on meter and click on order -----> send to front.

    then adjust the meter and circular image in such a way that their centre match...


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