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Frame Index

  • Singh

    Singh - 2021-10-26

    is there something like Frame index?
    An example would be like :
    i habe 80 traffic lights in a city numbered 1..80.
    Now, i have an Array like AAAA[1..80, 1..3], where second Dimension means 1-red, 2-green, 3-yellow.
    i make a Visu-frame with Three LED where each LED lights up according to my second dimension variable.
    Now i would have copied this frame in a new Visu 80 times and each gave a number from 1 to 80..this number has been asked by frame like
    TRAFFIC LIGHT XX , LED RED ON ---> if AAAA[XX, 1] then red of frame XX light up....

    Thanks for help!


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