Visualisation Indexing problem with function blocks

  • jf89

    jf89 - 2020-04-14


    I want to display 10 heating circuits with the same templates.
    The example below is taken from a wago plc , but i think it’s the same with codesys.

    There is one main display (general view) and 3 sub menus heating curve settings , schedule, and logging temeratures.

    I declared a program with a array of structures relyed to function blocs.
    The array of structure is in the programm , and the function blocks are in a sub-program (1 heating circuit for each sub-program)

    It’s very easy to do it like PPES_CIRC_RAD[1].Out1 and so on (see the screenshot below)

    It’s a very synthetic view to see the equipements running .

    The main problem is with the visualisation templates.

    I organized the template to point to the values of 3 function blocs for having the possibility to display all the input and output variables of the function blocs.

    But in the main menu it’s not possible to point with an index to the differents function blocks , like in the screenshot attached.

    I don’t understand that error Cannot convert unknown type …… to type reference to FB_CIRC_RAD.

    The only way to perform a such template is to declare an array of structure that point to each input variable of the function block.
    But it’s not a « synthetic » view.

    Have you any idea to perform a Visualisation Indexing with function blocks ? ( pointers or different organisation ?)

    best regards


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  • jf89

    jf89 - 2020-04-14
  • jf89

    jf89 - 2020-04-14
  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-04-16

    Hello @jf89,

    should it not be


    Try to use the intelli sence when adding the variable

    Best regards,

  • jf89

    jf89 - 2020-04-16

    Thanks Marcel,
    I found the solution: declare arrays of function blocks


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