Codesys HMI SL - Demo Mode Datasource Limit

  • jtebokkel

    jtebokkel - 2020-04-11

    What is the datasource limit for the codesys hmi in demo mode?

    I'm having some OPC data points come through, but not all. I'm guessing it might be a demo mode limit issue since I can read all the data points from the PLC via UaExpert.

    I've got >5000 in the project so far.

    I tried looking for documentation on this, but I couldn't find any.

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-04-14

    Hello @jtebokkel,

    what do you mean by HMI demo license?

    If have no license at all, you get a 30 minutes test duration with no variable limit.

    Best regards,

  • jtebokkel

    jtebokkel - 2020-04-14

    Thanks @mprestel

    by demo license I mean no license.

    If there is no datasource limit then why am I not able to read all of the data source variables on the HMI, but I can read them fine with an OPC client? I don't see anything in the log of either the PLC or the HMI that would indicate a problem.

    The data points exist in the HMI, but don't have the PLC value and if written to from the HMI the PLC doesn't see the change.


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  • jtebokkel

    jtebokkel - 2020-04-14

    In the screen shots I have the PLC online data and the HMI datasource data. You can see that some of the data in the structure transfered, but not all of it.

    I'm discovering that the symbol configuration of the data source is not using OPC-UA but a different protocol? Is it even OPC?

  • jtebokkel

    jtebokkel - 2020-04-15

    ok, I figured out why those data points didn't show.

    Even though those points were being used in the current HMI they were not being read by the datasource. I selected "Always Update" and they are now being read. Hopefully that helps someone else in the future.


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