Beijer IX Panel T7A + Wago 750-881

  • BlueScreenTT

    BlueScreenTT - 2018-06-29


    I am totally lost here
    I am not even sure this is the right forum but here goes
    I have a Wago 750-881 and 750-880 and a Beijer IX Panel T7A
    and I just can't figure out how to connect them
    I have tried the Beijer support but what he told me to do just didn't give any sense and it did not work
    Have anyone in here any idea how to do it?
    Please help

  • Anonymous - 2018-07-01

    Originally created by: ph0010421

    Your only choice is Modbus rtu. The t7a SoftControl uses and the modbus library then was absolutely awful. Is it 232 or 485? 232 is com1 and 485 is com2.
    In the project tree, add a modus com port, then modbus master, then modbus slave...this is the Wago IO.
    Ideally you need to be using ide so the libraries added will be the correct version.

    Now you need to know the Wago addresses, and which function codes it supports.
    Find out this information and come back...


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