Trace control extension

  • Lukasz8179 - 2016-05-31

    I am using CODESYS v3.5 SP3 Patch3. I am new user with no coding experience in this environment. I would like to prepare charts based on traces, using build - in Trace control. However, my project requires few feature that I couldn't figure out on my own:

    1.I would like to add labels to axes (for example Time for X and Force for Y etc.)

    2.I would like to read upper and lower limit for trace from variable.

    1. I would like to show thresholds on chart using label and line, just like on the screen1.

    4.I would like to show value requiremets as rectangles, just like on screen2. Green rectangle means that
    between 5s and 6s Y value should be between 7600 and 7700.

    What is the best way to do this?

    IMG: chart2.png

    IMG: chart.png

  • pinal.baraiya - 2016-07-05

    Hello There,

    In addition to the above mentioned topic, i would also like to add my questions.

    I am willing to use trace control but both of the my axis are different, for example by default it takes X axis as time and Y axis as your variable. But i have X axis as different variable and so as Y. How can change X Axis to my own variable.

    And the few other questions like giving label to each axis and all.

    Thanks in advance.


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