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  • sean-barton - 2023-05-08

    I have a problem with visualizations where buttons setup to change to a previous visualization need to be pressed twice before the previous visualization appears.

    I have a fresh installation of Codesys, with visualization profile and compiler selected.

    In my test, I have only two visualizations in the application with only two buttons on each visualization. The first button changes the shown visualization to the other visualization. The second button changes the shown visualization to the previous visualization.

    When I press the first button, the visualization changes to the other visualization (on full press and de-press of the button.) The button setup is a simple input configuration, on mouse click, change shown visualization with the other visualization selected as the target.

    When I press the second button, I have to completely press and de-press the button twice and the visualization changes to the other visualization. The button is similarly setup as a simple input configuration, on mouse click, change shown visualization to the previous shown visualization.

    I have tried changing the device target between my hardware device to CODESYS Control Win V3 x64. Both download without error but the same behaviour results.

    What would cause this behaviour and is there a way to fix it?

  • sean-barton - 2023-05-08

    For anyone who is interested, I seem to have solved my own problem - although the source of the problem is probably out of my control.

    Saving the project as Codesys allowed for a visualization profile of CODESYS V3.5 SP17 (I think this corresponds to visualization profile After doing this, the previous shown visualization is shown with a single press of the buttons instead of pressing twice. If a higher visualization profile version is used (i.e. for - then the problem occurs. Saving the project as 3.5.16.x also allows the previous shown visualization to show with a single button press instead of two button presses.

    During the testing, none of the application code was changed, only the compiler and visualization profiles.

  • bjarne-pagaard - 2023-05-15

    I am experiencing the exact same behavior as you describe.
    (CODESESYS Control RTE V3 x64,

    My 'ugly fix' was to add the action twice to the button, so a button click has two identical actions: Change Shown Visualization to Previous. This is just for info - not a recommendation for others to follow. If you have more layers to your visus, it would lead to a mess.

    I have another issues also: Rotated images seem to sometimes at random have the rotation applied twice. If for example the image should rotate 90Β°, it is rotated 180Β° instead. I imagine these issues could be related, that some of the visu code is somehow 'applied twice'.
    Here, the 'ugly fix' was to add more images to the pool with correct rotation, so no image rotation is required. (2x0Β° is still 0Β°).


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