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See only variable

  • xabier - 2024-03-14

    I have declarated this variable...When i use the variable I see all...I wan see only the variable not all.

    For example I declarated in GVL_GLOBAL ==> Torque_Mode

    When I push enter insert in code all rute..GVL_GLOBAL.Torque_MOde...I want see only torque mode...How is possible resolved this problem??


  • Fless

    Fless - 2024-03-14

    either you have "Insert with namespace" enabled in the SmartCoding options
    or your GVL_GLOBAL starts with {attribute 'qualified_only'}

    btw it's considered good practice to put the namespace in front of the variable.
    you could have variable with the same name in your PRG or FB.


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