Anonymous - 2017-07-31

Originally created by: Paul K.

Hi All,

I'm currently working on a big project that contains a lot of visualizations. (221 to be precise). Everything works fine but when I try to reset warm or cold my program I get the exception I attached as a screenshot.


error.png [ 6.62 KiB | 30 mal betrachtet ]


The exception points to the call to [i:_]VisuElems.Visu_PRG();[/i:_] in the Visualization task. The task has the default parameters

I tried with 3 different PLCs (including the Windows RTE and a Raspberry) and the same exception happens in the same condition.

The compiler and visualization profile are set on 3.5.10 SP4 and rolling back to 3.5.9 completely breaks the visualizations: when I try to open one it says they could not be registered in the runtime. I suspect the two errors are linked somehow.

I'm out of clues on this problem, so if anyone has an idea of what could go wrong I would be grateful!



IMG: error.png